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By popular demand, PlusThis has launched on ActiveCampaign! 

We added our library of popular features to ActiveCampaign including countdown timers, advanced SMS, scarcity triggers, GoToWebinar connections, Zoom Webinar connections, split testing and more. We are continuing to add more features to our library as they are frequently requested.

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Features Available 
Countdown Timer
Create dynamic or fixed date countdown timers for your emails or landing pages
SMS Messaging
Send SMS messages from ActiveCampaign including MMS, text to opt-in, conditional SMS and more
Simple Email Survey
Radically boost your survey participation with surveys embedded directly inside your emails
Scarcity Triggers
Automate scarcity campaigns that give bonuses to the first "x" people who buy or take action
Format Text Fields
Automatically capitalize the first and last name of your contact records.
Zoom Integration
Connect your Zoom Webinars to ActiveCampaign for registration, follow-up and segmenting attendees
GoToWebinar Integration
Easily connect your GoToWebinar to ActiveCampaign for registration, follow-up and segmenting attendees
Video Triggers
Tag viewers based on how long 
they watch your videos or reach 
certain points
Facebook Lead Ads
Collect leads from Facebook directly and import them into ActiveCampaign automatically
Facebook Audience Triggers
Add folks to custom audiences from ActiveCampaign directly 
Contact Validator
Validate a contact's phone number and email address for the best possible deliverability
Smart Links
Create links and forms that go 
to different pages based on their 
tags and fields
Date Calculator
Store dynamic dates based on 
when your contacts opt-in, fill out a 
form or make a purchase
Contact Creator
Allow your guests to add contacts to ActiveCampaign for events, workshops or other activities.
Contact Locator
Collect your contact's location identification based on their IP address.
Action Links
Tag your website visitors based on what links they click.
Use math with your ActiveCampaign fields to track activities like number of sales, referrals, and more.
Add to Calendar
Create add to calendar links that can connect to your dates from inside ActiveCampaign
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Strategies You Can Create Using PlusThis and ActiveCampaign
Run webinar reminders and follow-up straight from ActiveCampaign
Integrate GoToWebinar and Zoom with ActiveCampaign
Do Text To Opt-ins and Conditional SMS
Use SMS in your marketing mix for reminders, follow-up and more
Add Countdown Timers to 
Your Emails and Pages
Create dynamic or fixed date 
countdown timers to add urgency to your Campaigns
Retarget Leads On Facebook With Targeted Ads
Serve relevant and specific ads based on where the lead is in your campaigns
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